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Infused edibles help people feel better, but to make sure everyone is safe, consumers need to know what they eating.At Canna•Badge, we solve the problem of consumer awareness for you. Your consumers and patients can be made aware of exactly what product they are holding and eating. THC levels, dosages, state-specific warnings, and brand awareness go into every label we make.A Canna•Badge is a 100% edible printed graphic that can be applied to almost any edible infused product. Our labels stay on and are not discarded with your packaging.Ingredient labels, graphics, words, photos, QR codes…anything you can create as a graphic can be put on a Canna•Badge.

Cannabis warning labels are better and safer when they’re on your product all the time.

Show you care, show who you are, apply a Canna•Badge. Click Order a Canna•Badge above today!

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